Riley and Jemma

Sunday, November 09, 2008

More in the life of the kids

Time is ticking on and getting closer to Christmas. It will be a busy time with the kids. Riley has a school concert Dec 11, music concert Dec 14, drama play Dec 15 and Jemma has a Christmas party Dec 12 and an undated Christmas kindy concert....

Dad took the kids to the model trains and Riley went on it all by himself for the first time! We were pretty proud. He even bought his own ticket. And then today at the school fair, he allowed himself to get face painted- he is a crocodile. He has been struggling to get to sleep at nights as he gets a bit anxious so he has been putting his worries in a worry box. What we have learned is that he is a great speller- tonight he spelled all by himself "train crash on the computer game". Sorry- just using the opportunity to show off! The good thing is that once he wrote his worry down, he went straight to sleep and the worry fairy comes to collect it.

Jemma has settled a bit again and she is showing a real interest in wanting to dance so will have to add that to the list of 'extra-curricular' activities. She has gotten quite strong at gymnastics and yesterday, she showed her old promise at swimming lessons.. amazing what a lollipop bribe can do! She had lost confidence being in the water without Dad even though she is tall enough but yesterday- was back to her old tricks which was great. She is still wearing a costume every day though!


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