Riley and Jemma

Friday, February 20, 2009

It has been so long....

Over 2 months since my last post and even worse, I haven't taken any photos since our Omarama holiday!! Life has gotten very busy here as Mum heads back to work part time and although she is loving working, she is really missing her spare time, cos there ain't any!

These photos are all of Jemma in her various costumes (and Riley's) at Christmas time. Jemma is hilarious. Yesterday she wore her future school uniform to daycare. So the costume wearing continues! She is missing Mum a bit now that she is in daycare for 2 full days so a few tantrums on those nights- she is so tired by the end of the day but she loves going because she loves having people to play with all day.

Her language and reasoning continues to impress us- she loves working out whose mum or dad someone is and whether they have a J, E, M or A in their names like hers. Life is all about relationships for her. She has started ballet and loving that. It clashed with gymnastics but she chose ballet and seems happy. She is still in her 'bum bum, poo, poo, wee wee' phase as well (roll eyes) but is very helpful and likes to help make the beds, fold the washing and tidy the toys so pretty good really!! Will keep training her


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