Riley and Jemma

Monday, November 24, 2008

Life is more fun with the babysitters

Riley and Jemma had much more fun with Nat and Kris at the beach than boring old mum and dad. Riley got to be a mermaid (he was insistent that he wasn't a merman!) and they built sandcastles which Mum never does with them..(But mum HATES sand with a passion) Riley got his feet wet but that was the extent of that- Jemma not so keen on that either.

The kids are getting tired as we wind up to Christmas- though they are excited as well. Riley has started making presents to leave for Santa- we had to point out it was still over 4 weeks. Riley is a shepherd in the Christmas play so he has varied parts- a shepherd in one, playing the keyboard in the next and being an ant in the last one!

Jemma is developing her language and in particular her skills of cheekiness which although cute, need a little
reining in.... She developed a song to match "Dora's lost city" song. This song talks about what is lost and how she is going to the lost city to find it and give it back. Well.... Jemma started singing that she was going to the lost city because Riley had lost his penis and she was going to find it and bring it back.... this from our new 3 year old. Riley got a bit anxious by all this and wanted to reassure us that his penis wasn't lost but we had to teach him that we don't expose ourselves at the dinner table. Oh, to be part of our family :-)


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