Riley and Jemma

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Father time has his roller skates on!

Very slack am I!! I have been putting pictures up on Facebook but neglecting here. We haven't been writing in the memory books either very well so our kids will decide that in 2009, we forgot about them!!

Jemma is a big 4 year old now. Full of life - hilarious but oh so cheeky. We crack up at the things she says but despair of her strong will and her delight in winding us up by deliberately doing naughty things (like tipping her popcorn up on the couch and then jumping in it..... ). Today, she told us at the tea table that she could see someone at the front door and I asked if she had xray vision. "No mum, I have eyes in the back of my head just like you" No flies on this girl!
She is a still a girly girl although she makes us comb her curls out each day. She wants straight hair but she has the most gorgeous curls... I hope she learns to love them.

Riley is also doing well. His favourite word at the moment is 'actually...' and he and Jemma play particularly well. I know this won't always be the way but we do feel very blessed at how well they get along most of the time. Riley will erupt and take a whack at her but she does wind him up something wicked!

Riley has started karate and seems to really like it so that is good as he is often ambivalent about any of these things. His schedule is full with drama and karate and possibly t-ball plus swimming lessons starting up.. and of course a bit of therapy thrown in. Jemma wants to do gymnastics as well as her ballet and play soccer, swimming starts for her again and we want them to do music again next year.. how do people cope with more than 2 kids? and how do kids just get to be kids these days?


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