Riley and Jemma

Friday, February 20, 2009

And Riley.. what about him?

Dad met his goal at our Omarama holiday- he got Riley riding his bike without training wheels so all were pleased with themselves. Jemma got the hang of her running bike as well so won't be long before we are all out mountainbiking together.... oh yeah Mum.. wait until your hip works again!

Riley went back to school and has settled really well. What Mum was excited about is that he LOVES after school care on Tues and Thurs. I was so worried he would hate it but that is what he talks about- not his school day so that helped alleviate Mum's guilt about chasing the dollar!
Riley is really into lego at the moment and spends hours building it, looking at it on the internet and exploring Legoland in California (he thinks we are going soon... ha ha ha). He has a great imagination for building things and entertains himself for hours.

Riley thought he might like dance but tried a couple of classes and hated it so is doing swimming lessons and doing really well. He isn't doing music this year because the class clashed with Mum's staff meetings so we were all a bit disappointed in that news.


  • eeeww, Rachel Mortimer makes me want to throw up. Useless fucken chemistry teacher.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:21 PM  

  • I'd rather die than call a kid of mine Riley

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:15 PM  

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