Riley and Jemma

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sussing the beach out

Jemma has still smiled and slept so she can't have hated the jabs too much!

We all went to the beach today and played in the sand. Riley is starting to wear sunglasses, except he likes to wear them watching Spot or Maisy on DVD.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mean mean mummy

Jemma had her 3 month immunisations today. She certainly has a healthy set of lungs! For a baby who rarely cries, she saved it all up for these 3 jabs. She is also holding her head up well!

She then slept and stayed home with Dad while Mum and Riley rode the bus to the library as Riley had been calling for the bus and the train. The bus was easier to do.

Now, we just have to get ready to go camping on Friday for 4 nights. A bit nerve wracking as the sleep has been going well with both children and now we will jinx ourselves (and alienate the camping ground) with all 4 of us in a caravan. Hope it doesn't rain!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Introducing Jemma

Jemma decided she would only be 4 weeks early but not to be outdone by her brother, on day 4, she got very ill and ended up in NICU as well. We didn't know what was wrong for 3 VERY long days. It turned out to be a virus which unluckily became meningitis. However within 2 weeks we were home and she has thrived ever since and we are confident all is well.

Jemma is a very good baby. She hardly ever cries and she certainly sleeps more than her older brother ever did!!!! She is a joy to have and she loves to smile and coo.

There is a photo of her wearing the same top as her brother. Both are 3 months in this photo and not as alike as everyone says..... well...maybe just a little :-) There is also a photo of her in her first dress that Great Aunty Marie made. She may have to wear a lot of dresses as she is as fair as Riley and he was bald until about 8-9 months.......

Introducing Riley

So that I can get rid of my babiesonline page, here is an introduction to both my darlings, Riley first.

Riley came into the world at 32 weeks on Aug 5, 2003 but he was healthy and just had to grow. We spent 6 weeks in hospital and came home Sept 16. Ever since, he has proven to be a great character as shown by a selection of photos below.
Riley loves trains, trucks, diggers,buses and so his 2nd birthday cake was a train.

Riley brings us much joy.. and frustration at times. He has adjusted to his little sister Jemma very well and as you can see above, he loves to lie down beside her and call for a photo! Then he jumps up and comes to see the photo...often before we have taken it. Amazing to see a 2 year old working with technology.

Christmas 2005

Riley woke at 6:10am and hadn't remembered the Santa thing. So we took him out to the lounge and he headed over to Jemmas exersaucer rather than his own Santa sack and presents!
Once he got the hang of it, he was quite
overwhelmed and..... slow..... he wanted to examine it all in detail and we wanted him to hurry up! The trike was certainly a hit and so was the trumpet. Little were we to know but he would insist on sleeping with it that night! He likes his books and DVDs and as always, the cars. Though Dad likes his remote controlled car too! Hands off Dad!
Jemma was as good as always and she slept until we had all opened presents. Her mummy was very pleased to get a big LCD computer monitor so now she can see photos a lot better!
We went to Oamaru for the day and Riley had a great time with Grandma, Grandad, Aunty Jo and Uncle Paul and Aunty Jo's parents. Lots more presents and trumpet playing. Riley fell asleep on the way home and he was playing the trumpet in his sleep!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas to you all.
We are really looking forward to Christmas day as this is the first year that Riley has some inkling of what is happening and he is being spoiled. Jemma will be oblivious but no doubt will bless us with her many smiles.