Riley and Jemma

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kids are still growing

Life is ticking along here. The kids are doing really well and we are so biased towards their near perfection :-)

Riley is astounding us with his language and socialisation skills. He loves kindy and looks forward to going and what is also fantastic is the conversations he is making with us.

He and Jemma are playing together quite nicely too.......... when he is not whacking her of course! They egg each other on at the tea table screaming happily. Jemma had her first 'time out' the other night. In fact it took her 2 time outs in the laundry before she worked out it was related to her screaming. She then stopped- she's not slow on the uptake!

Jemma is still not walking but she crawls so fast, I don't think she is that motivated. Her language continues to develop and she continues to insist on wearing her sunhat from sunrise to sunset. We are now trying to hide it. Grandma and Grandad came down to look after them while we went to a wedding and Grandma didn't know that she still likes her dummy to go to sleep with so got confused with Jemma's frantic pointing. She let her grizzle a bit and when she went in 20 minutes later to check on her, Jemma had managed to get her own dummy off the chest of drawers and then lie back down and go to sleep. She knows what she wants that girl!!

The toy library is a hit as per usual. The roller coaster was very popular, with the neighbours also and now Riley is enjoying the tractor and trailer.

Great news is that Riley is now toilet trained for wees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay, we are getting there.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Riley starts kindy today

Yay, summer weather arrived. We have been enjoying the outside weather with walks and visits to the parks.

Jemma and Riley liked playing with the unicorn from the neighbours so we acquired that. Riley likes wearing Jemma's dress up tutu which makes Dad cringe as he dances around but he also likes his 'manly' costumes too!

Riley starts afternoon kindy today and he is both nervous and excited so hopefully all will go well. The kids continue to grow and flourish and learn new skills.

Riley is fascinated with the difference between men and ladies at the moment and uses interesting times to ask to have a look. Funny though :-)