Riley and Jemma

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Easter b##%%@@ bunnies!

Riley was very excited to see the Easter bunnies appear again. 3 weeks before Easter was all Mum could stomach and we are SOOOO grateful to Nana for these classy singers! Riley can now sing the song himself.... even better..... "Here comes Peter Cottontail...hopping down the bunny trail...." blah blah... I wish this site had sound effects so we could inflict upon you all. The things you listen to when you don't have a gun........

We had to share a photo of Jemma's favourite expression (it also comes with sound effects). I know the photo is blurred but she loves her jumper and doesn't stop moving long enough to pose WITH expression in place. She is so cute!!

Now.... Mum, Dad and Aunty Jane... I got thinking...... yes, it took me a couple of months but I worked out how to set it up so that you can comment without signing up so will look forward to that (and to anyone elses comments :-) )

Monday, March 20, 2006

Sick children and daylight savings makes for grumpy parents

Jemma proved to us that she can scream the place down this weekend. She was sick, not sure what and she let us know. It was heartbreaking to watch because she had real tears and a puffy crying face and she wouldn't sleep properly. The poor wee love is so good, it gave us a big shock. Thankfully she was back to her normal self today- sleeping, smiling, feeding etc... She loves playing with Mum's diet coke can when I have finished with it. Can she get addicted via breastmilk? ;-)

Jemma is wearing her new tights and dress which proves she is a girl despite lack of hair! If you look closely, she is a blondie like her brother, but then he has darkened up considerably in the last 6 months.

Riley is pictured with a plane that Mum found at work. He loves pretending to fly it much to his father's delight. He has been a superb wee boy today and although he has been up at 5am the last 2 mornings on top of bad nights with both being under the weather, he is forgiven because he was so much fun to be around today. He brought over a mini chocolate egg that he reached in the cupboard.... "chocolate egg..good boy Riley... mummy help fix it" so my only option was to take the wrapping off for him since he was so proud of himself!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Another week has flown by. Riley enjoyed visiting Thomas and friends last week. He wouldn't go on the train but he was happy to watch. He is growing up so fast! He is starting to use larger sentences and learns quickly. He was sitting on my knee at the computer today and wanted to play a game. Once I found it, he said "Mummy, get off" and pushed me off the chair so he could have it.

Jemma has sort of graduated to 2 sleeps a day now although she hasn't settled well at childcare doing this. She slept last night from 7pm-5:20am.. the wee poppet. She is such a good girl- so happy. I just can't believe my luck with her. She is so cruisy that she STILL isn't rolling - too much effort to move. But her head is strong and she loves her Jolly jumper still. She loves watching Riley and as the photo shows, I must be starving her!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Nana was right and Mummy was wrong.

A pretty uneventful week really. Mummy spent too much on the kids but now Riley blends in with his curtains in his new pyjamas and Jemma is easily kept warm in her new poncho....... I really didn't think I needed one but I will defer to my mother who is obviously far wiser than me.;-)

This is the most recent photo of the three of us (we must get another family photo- our other one is 4.5 months old....). Excuse all the mess in the background... not that I would have tidied up for the occasion :-)

Riley is now doing well in the 'big kids' room at Russell St and Jemma regularly earns title of 'best baby' ( I am sure they all do but I ignore that possibility) so Mummy can feel guilt free working!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What are the kids doing now?

It has been a really busy week. It is amazing to live with these two children. They change and develop so quickly and they do some really cool things!

Having taught Riley to recite his name, we are now working on his address and he is so funny as he chants it all. He is a wonderful big brother and Jemma watches him like a hawk. As soon as I arrive to pick them up at childcare, Riley marches off to the babies room to 'go pick up Jemma'. He is very protective of her and makes us very proud.

Jemma is certainly an observer of life. She doesn't cry much and just watches and smiles. She loves people talking to her.

She hasn't quite got the solids thing sussed which is obvious when looking at her attempts with carrot and rice but she did enjoy it and she laughed lots (though who would believe me - she always stops smiling when I point a camera at her!) She loves the frozen apple though.

Peter and I had to laugh last night. After a year on and off of Riley with sleeping 'issues' we decided to google and see if he might have a sleeping disorder and what could we do about it. Well... the internet tells you everything and there is a label for everything. We did indeed find that we are not alone and Riley fits to a 't' the description for 'confusional arousal'. So who makes up these names? It doesn't stop our sleep deprivation but it did intrigue us and after all that research, Riley didn't wake last night!