Riley and Jemma

Sunday, October 22, 2006

What a great weekend

Lots has been happening around here. Mum finished Jemma's summer vest- fiddled with the pattern too much (it is supposed to be v-necked) but it worked out if you don't look too hard. Oops it is sideways as well.

Jemma makes us laugh so much. She can play peekaboo with herself and she crawls around the house talking to us all. She has a great nature as does Riley. We realise parents always like their children but we are very proud of how likeable our two are and we really enjoy their company.

We have a 'big boy's bike' from the toy library at the moment and Riley is doing really well on it. He is really starting to grow up.

In Dunedin this weekend was the railway centennary so steam trains galore. Riley was in his element and watching the joy on his face was just priceless for his loving parents. Yes, it borders on obsessional interest for him but .... who cares? :-) Riley even took a ride on "Joanne" and can mimic her whistle perfectly (as well as recognise it from all other whistles on the other steam trains- Dad is very proud of Riley's ear).

We were thrilled to get Riley on the train. We primed him up for 24 hours and he was just great. He hasn't stopped talking about trains since and we have had to be his carriages around the house.... over and over again while he wears his new train whistle on his head. He is 'Joanne' although we are trying to encourage him to be Thomas!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

What's new at our place?

We finally have a bath for the kids! They are loving it as well, although Riley doesn't like to share his toys and Jemma likes splashing so much, we all want to leave the room including Riley!

Jemma has become SUCH a character in the last couple of weeks. She is definitely not a baby anymore and I think we are in for a shock. She explores much more than Riley and if we thought Riley was sharp and determined, I think he has met his match! She takes her bib off herself, likes to scoop food out of her mouth and feed the dog. She is trying to talk and says "Ta", "ta ta" and calls for "Paddy" and "Riley" - imitating us we think. For someone who crawls using their elbows, she is fast and she appeared at the top of the stairs the other day while I was down hanging the washing out. I had to move pretty quick and now the gate has appeared! She is such a hard case- we think she will be lots of fun! She has no fear and will try anything.

Riley went fishing for the first time today and unfortunately no fish were caught. He inherited his Dad's first rod and he was so keen to practice his spinning, he had a birds nest before he left the house. Although his attention span was short, Dad was very proud of how good he was.

We have a remote controlled train from the toy library at the moment which he LOVES so we are pretty pleased. We think he will like his Christmas present. He likes to read all the toy catalogues when they arrive and then tell me we need to go to the shop to buy 'my train' or 'my dora toy' or 'my fifi toy'. We can fill in half an hour wandering toy aisles while he looks at everything.