Riley and Jemma

Monday, January 23, 2006

Highs and Lows in one day

It was an exciting day because the fuzzibunz arrived and Riley and Jemma now have cloth nappies! Riley is modelling his lime green and turquoise pair. So, we may not be composting at the moment but we aren't clogging up landfills with nappies AND we are saving about $40 per week! (once we have paid for these ones of course!)

It was also a really sad day because Meg has gone to a new home and although it is for her sake so that she would get more exercise than we can give her at the moment and now she will have a 'job' to do (catching possums which she will love, especially the rolling in anything smelly) and she is going to people who will spoil her rotten! However, we are feeling pretty sad as she is a great dog with Riley and Jemma.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Life is moseying on

Where is Summer? Trying to entertain a toddler inside all day is hard work!

Riley earned a toy yesterday and he got a yellow bus (matchbox type one). He then got on his hands and knees and "drove" it all the way through the mall, into the lift, out of the lift and to the car. Needless to say, his trousers need soaking and his hands were black. But he was happy. He slept with it last night and woke up with a sore chest because he had rolled on it. (no photo since he was lying on it :-) )

Riley is enjoying Jemma most of the time and he calls for hugs but she cries on his knee that is why we now use the pillow and it is very cute. He even gives her kisses (snotty open mouth things!)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Summer days

Today we went for a picnic to the Woodhaugh gardens where there is a paddling pool.

Riley was slow to get in but once in, he enjoyed playing and he particularly enjoyed working out how the hose worked that was filling the pool!

Jemma has found her fingers and is definitely a thumbsucker. Using the dummy doesn't seem to deter her.

However, she also knows where her tongue is. She is trying to learn how to do a raspberry and is entertained hugely when someone does them for her... for hours on end. She loves interacting with people.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

ongoing saga of Riley's bedmates

Jemma can now roll onto her back and repeat it from her tummy time position. Very exciting though she looks a little stunned when she does it!

Riley has moved from sleeping with hard objects at least. He chose his sunhat last night. Who knows what will be next? Toilet training has met a snag. Riley loves to put his undies on and pull them off but he isn't keen on using a potty or the toilet. Time to leave it alone for awhile which is sort of good since we are awaiting our order of fuzzibunz. Yes, we are moving to cloth nappies- for Jemma mainly but may as well save money with Riley too! It is very exciting with all the great colours you can get.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Toilet training? Ha Ha Ha

Well, if he isn't sleeping with his trumpet, he finds another distinctly hard object to cuddle. This is his 'Riley' money box!

I started toilet training today (will spare you the photo) and it was "interesting". I don't hold out much hope but we will give it a good go. 4 pees in 2 hours is a lot for a small boy!!!

Jemma had a plunket visit and is now 5.59kg (about 12lb 5oz) and 61cm tall. She is starting to catch up- good little cherub that she is.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

our camping holiday

Our holiday didn't start well with one of our dogs standing on Jemma's face and leaving a nasty scratch. Thankfully she closed her eye and it was unaffected. The photo was taken 2 days later and had healed lots by then. But then, despite taking all precautions, she got sunburned in the face .....

After the first night, we thought we would come home because Riley screamed a significant portion of it and we learned how small a caravan can be! However, we decided to give it another night and glad we did because he was great. We were really impressed with how he adjusted to camping. He won't go in a boat though- we tried hard but he is happy to point at it from a distance!

We have decided to do it again so it can't have been too bad!