Riley and Jemma

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Haircuts and ballet

Jemma has had her first haircut- not because she has long hair but my hairdresser suggested that it may help it thicken up and grow so she was very excited to go and get that done!

She also had her first ballet concert today which was a learning curve for her mother who didn't realise that she should have carried make up and body glitter in her bag for her 3 year old.... silly me! Jemma loved being in the concert- she was a bird and then an elephant (she is the one on the right in the group photo). She had to do the concert twice so it was a long day for her.

Jemma is really enjoying learning to write and spell words. She loves wrapping all sorts of cr..p up for us to unwrap and repeating lots back to us like "Mum, you need to be patient", "Dad are you frustrated?" Old before her time that girl. She also loves toilet humour like wiggling her bottom at us going "poo poo bum bum" then making huge raspberry sounds.. funny the entertainment she still gets out of that.

Riley also one to throw out comments at the moment but he learns his in the playground "you are just a stupid lady mum"... that one earned some time in his room! He is still obsessing over Star Wars and drawing lots of pictures etc but he also likes reading his Bible and singing hymns... so his vocation is somewhere out in the atmosphere :-)