Riley and Jemma

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big sigh of relief

Well, the first 2 weeks of school were horrendous. Riley hated it and Mum wanted to cry all the time because she felt horrible for sending him off. We worked out that I wasn't helping the situation by going and having lunch with him each day so thank goodness I am not 'too' precious and once we knocked that on the head, we haven't looked back.

Riley is doing really well- reading at a high level for his age. He is even reading out loud to the school tomorrow a passage for shared prayer (because he is the best reader in the class.. show off... ). Mum is so proud! The school is amazing, as is the teacher and they are going the extra mile in settling him. It is so encouraging and Mum is feeling so much more relaxed! We knew things were looking up when Riley played school with Jemma and made her get in her uniform.

Jemma also wants to go to school and mum would love that too. I have decided that 3 is harder than 2. Jemma is pushing every boundary known to man at the moment and what a stubborn streak!!! That came from her father of course. She is certainly a child that likes to be entertained so mum isn't used to that as she and Riley are both quite happy to entertain themselves so we get a little tired after a few hours of this.

We have to keep remembering that she is not yet 3. Yesterday, we were making Big red cars for each of them and lesson, don't let Jemma near paint. She kept standing in it and then walking over the carpet... red of course. So Mum yelled LOTS and Jemma, god love her, went off to the bathroom and washed her legs "to make Mummy happy"... Yeah, I felt bad.....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Birthday and school part 2

Mum barely held it together on Tuesday morning...... her baby was going to school- he is grown up!

Riley dressed himself and looked very cute. He hadn't slept well the night before- mixture of excitement and anxiety and it was great to see his eagerness to go over. He even wore his own schoolbag... great considering he has made Mum carry it for the last 3 years to kindy!!

I went over at lunchtime to visit and he was pretty fragile but we had lunch and after he finished asking if he could come home, he went off to join in some games. Some boys said they were playing star wars so Riley jumped into a star position... we may have to teach him what star wars are. No wonder his teacher said to me he is like 'pure innocence'.

His teacher worked out quickly that he is reading so we are pleased that they can see he is a clever man and she is looking out for him. On his second day, he was even more fragile at lunchtime and wanted to make sure we would find each other after school (wee misunderstanding on the first day had meant he was distraught by the time we met up). But when I went to him at 3pm, he skipped up to me and said "I had a good time at school Mum". He is enjoying playing musical statues to hymns with some of his classmates at the break.

He is keen to get in his uniform each day and trot off which makes mum feel good. He is acting so grown up- I keep shedding a wee tear. He is such a sweetheart, though not sleeping well at night. His mind is too busy.

Nana is down staying and she hopped into bed with him for awhile last night. After awhile he asked Nana to get out. She fell out of bed doing this and all he said was "can you straighten the table that you moved Nana?"............. I love this wee boy :-)

Birthday and school part 1

Well! A busy week has flown by. Riley had his last childcare on the 31 July so he had a wee party there with a train cake and some party games. That set up the 'week' of 5th birthday. Then on Sunday, we had some family and friends over for an afternoon tea and Riley got his wiggles cake that Dad decorated so well. Riley coped really well and was overwhelmed by all his presents (that is because he is spoilt!) and he is still going through them making things, reading books, playing with slot cars and games.

Jemma did okay too- some people bought her presents which was kind. This is an outfit she was given. Awwwww..... cute

Then Tuesday was the 'big day'. He finally got all his presents but he still had to go to school so he couldn't play with them all. I asked if he wanted to go to McDonalds for tea and he said "that would be a nice birthday treat mum". Bless him! It is amazing to look back on the last 5 years and all that has happened with Riley. We are so proud of him- he is a lovely intelligent boy and a joy to have around.