Riley and Jemma

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Only 5 sleeps until Santa comes

It is just soooo exciting. Only 5 sleeps until Santa gets here. There are so many presents under the tree for the kids that I suggested Santa didn't need to come to our place. Riley wasn't too impressed with that.

Think Mastercard ad when you look at those box photos. Lots of presents arrived from Nana and Grandad and Riley dutifully put them under the tree. He is very good at not opening them. Anytime anyone gives him one, he says thank you and adds it to his stash. The pile is massive. Anyway, once Nanas and Grandads were put under the tree, the two of them entertained themselves for a good half hour with that box! Priceless. What a waste of money I have spent on presents :-)

We are going to have an extra opening time on Sunday so the kids get to appreciate more of their presents rather than one big opening. Oh.. to be young again. Riley loves the carols. A partridge in a pear tree (with actions) is the new favourite. He remembers all 12 things too.. I just put the pregnant pause in whilst waiting for him to say it as I can never remember them. He also likes pretending to play "Away in a manger" on the organ and insisting we sing along.
Dad showed Jemma that she can roll her tongue so that is her latest party trick. She comes up to me and rolls her tongue and says "do it Mum"... but Mum can't do it so she is most disgusted with me.

I took them to the early settlers museum to see the santa pixietown display- for ChCh people, it is from 25 years ago and seems like the old Haywrights one that was in town. Very cute.. the kids loved it but they refused to sit on Santa's knee.

So we are ready for Christmas and I think Mum is most excited. Riley went out with $10 from his moneybox to the $2 shop and bought presents for Mum, Dad, Jemma and of course Riley! He came home with change and wrapped his own present and put a label on it.. which is so cute. However, as much as we dissuade him, he keeps telling us what is in each parcel. So much for surprises!

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a great festive season.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Racing towards Christmas

Only 17 sleeps until Christmas. It is so exciting this year. Riley is right into it. He decorated the tree pretty much by himself and we have been reading Christmas books and singing carols. Both kids like to sing the songs although Jemma is not as sure what all the fuss is... and Riley tells her that Santa is not bringing her anything because she is too young. However, since she doesn't understand that, there have been no dramas. The drama is when they fight over whose mummy I am. Apparently I can only be mummy to 1.

We went to the Christmas parade and Riley gave a running commentary of every float at the top of his voice, over and over.... I am not sure everyone around us appreciated it as much as we did. Jemma just waved and yelled hello to everyone until they spoke back.. you can imagine "hello girl" getting more forceful until she is finally answered, then onto the next 'victim'.

Riley had his kindy concert this week. It lasts for about 7 minutes. We videod it and it was soooo cute. Riley joined in lots and was very proud. His swimming is also coming along sooooo well. He will now put his goggles on and his face under.

Jemma insists on calling a helicopter 'hoculater'. Cute... She has also perfected the melodramatic tantrum. She throws herself down face first onto the ground and beats her arms and legs on the ground screaming.. Quite funny to walk away from. We are not used to it as Rileys more 'autistic' tantrums were more genuine through his lack of skill in dealing with the world and he couldn't just turn it off like a tap. Jemma, can stand up in the next instant and smile coquettishly at you, saying please and thank you. She cracks us up.

Once such tantrum was on Thursday. For the THIRD time, I took them to pixifoto to try and get photos without one of them sabotaging it. This time, I had to forcibly put Jemma into her dress so it was not boding well......... Needless to say she refused to have any photos taken. Riley had some lovely ones done- he was an angel.. I think he wanted the santa decoration I bribed him with. We got home and I asked to take photos of Jemma- well the first pose below is of the 'sweetest girl on the planet' and the second is of my little 'devil child' who I could happily have strangled that afternoon.