Riley and Jemma

Sunday, February 26, 2006

A week of firsts

The week started so badly and ended very well. Let me explain!

Riley's diarrhoea became 2.5 days of painful constipation. No details required but very heartbreaking and stressful for the wee man.

The nights were still horrendous as well and Mummy and Daddy weren't sure how much more they could take. But then the week turned around- well on the last day anyway!

Jemma is now trying solids and she loves them. Tries to hold the spoon in her mouth and gets grumpy when finished.

Grandma and Grandad came down for the weekend to have a trial run with Riley as Mum and Dad are going away for 2 nights in April. So Mum and Dad got to have some time together. Riley however didn't like not being in his bed and punished us all during the night!

Great great Aunt Audrey came to see Jemma. Jemma thanked her by chewing on her hands!

Riley got his FIRST dressing gown and he thinks he is pretty cool. He posed happily for this photo!

The best news is that Jemma slept through the night for the FIRST time ever. And after Riley screamed from 11;30-12:30 (even with phenergan on board- roll eyes), he slept until 7:00am!!! So we got about 6 hours solid sleep and we feel like a million dollars... please don't let us have jinxed ourselves by proclaiming it to the world..

Saturday, February 18, 2006

What? No photo?

We have had a big week this week and Riley has been sick- rotovirus apparently so we have been doing lots of washing and now the washing machine has broken down!!!!! So far, Jemma hasn't got it and we are crossing fingers- Mum has something and we are all very very tired. So no photos taken, and some of the ones we could have taken would have been a little gross :-)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Our weekend

What a busy weekend we have had. Riley and Jemma still don't like to wake in unison so Mum and Dad are very tired because they are up and down like yoyos!

Riley loved the model train place with all its displays. We couldn't drag him away from watching them go round and round and talking about them. Dad liked the model race car that went 150mph but Riley found that noisy and he didn't like the train ride. But he really loved watching the small trains!!! Jemma was just happy being in the frontpack having a nosey!

Jemma REALLY loves the jolly jumper!

Grandma and Grandad came down from Oamaru to visit and Riley enjoyed that.

Monday is Mum's day off but our plans didn't work because Jemma decided to have an 'off' day with her sleeps. We did manage to find a new park - now called the 'fire engine' park out at Macandrew Bay so that was pretty exciting and Riley was happy to sit in that for a long, long time....until Jemma had a meltdown and we drove home again. We also visited the 'bus' park so an exciting day!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Jolly jumping Jemma

Well, Mum has gone back to work and not sure if she likes leaving us wonderful children at the moment. Of course, all she needs is a cold rainy day with us grizzling and she will be pleased to be working again!

Jemma has graduated to the jolly jumper as she is nosy and likes to look around. She can stand and watch or we can raise her up for a swing. Riley loves to help the swinging and he is being very gentle (provided he is supervised). He also likes to hold her hip and 'jump' her up and down chanting "Jemma jumping" - clever lad- using alliteration at his age :-)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Our holiday in Christchurch

We have just spent a week in ChCh staying with Nana and Grandad and catching up with family and friends and it still wasn't long enough!

Riley loved Orana park. The rooster was a hit as was the tractor that we rode around on and the giraffes. Other highlights for him was the aquarium in town with the seahorse and starfish and octopus and giant crayfish and.. (you get the picture!); the discovery centre at the museum; going to the airport to watch planes and all those boxes of toys that Nana had to play with. He is now also keen on doing the frametray jigsaws so a new skill to master.

Both children were a credit and really well behaved. Jemma was an angel- she slept well and played well. The only hard parts of the holiday was the driving - the trip taking 6.5 hours each way with stops etc... Thank goodness, Riley could watch Spot and Maisy dvds so we usually only had Jemma to stress about. She does NOT like being in the carseat for too long.