Riley and Jemma

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Far out... long time no post

I don't even have any photos to add at the moment. Life has been really busy and we have not taken photos lately. How slack is that!

The kids are doing really well. They have seen lots of their grandparents lately. They have had 2 weekends staying at Grandma and Grandads and Nana and Grandad came down to visit for a few days... and we still didn't take photos...

Jemma is talking up a storm and developing a strong personality. She points to ladies at swimming proclaiming "boobies" or yells out at the top of her voice when you go to the toilet "no poos". When not embarrassing her parents, she is practicing her facial expressions. She has got the 'evil- I am peeved at you' one down pat! She is hilarious. She likes to steal lollipops but is very generous and always takes one for Riley as well. She also likes to push all the 'try me' buttons on the toys in the shops.

Riley is looking forward to Christmas. His proposed Santa list is verrrryyyyyy long. He is learning to defend himself verbally and getting good at arguing that 'black is white'. He is learning how to tease and be teased.. that is lots of fun. He has a long list of aspirations in life.. from being a diver to an astronaut to a rubbish collector.. Since we are making some progress in the swimming lessons, we won't quite rule out diver yet.

I have been trying to get photos taken of them together for Christmas. I have beautiful outfits for them (must take a photo to show). However, the first time, Riley packed up and we had to abandon it. Second time, Jemma packed up and so we are going for third time lucky on Tuesday.