Riley and Jemma

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Riley's birthday and another drama

Well, it wouldn't be normal unless we had a "dramah" to be remembered by would it? We seem to specialise in that but as Peter and I say, at least they are minor ones and nothing too traumatic in the big picture of life.

The drama around Riley's birthday this year. His party nearly didn't happen as he ended up in the Emergency Dept being prepped for surgery last night with an incacerated iguinal hernia! But, the good news is that the surgeon was able to push it back in and although he needs an operation, it will be next week and he got to have his party. I have to say I was so proud of how brave he was and what a good boy he was. He is just such a special young boy and a really nice person to boot.

The buggar was that we didn't get back from hospital until 10:30pm and we still had the cake to decorate- the request this year was a Clone Wars starship. Peter decorated an Episodes one- xwing fighter instead and we were up to 1am doing it.. Photo below to admire. We seem to have a tradition now of a special cake and the old Womans weekly books don't do it now. They just put in a request and we madly scour the internet to find another 'mad' parent who has done it before.

So party went on- the whole class was invited and most were there. They had a ball at the gymnastic centre running around and it was a good venue for them to expend some energy and have some fun- easy entertainment for the parents. Have to laugh at how many claim they don't eat fruit and vegetables!