Riley and Jemma

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun at the fair

The weather still hasn't been great but on our home holiday, we have managed to visit parks and paddling pools.

We went to the A&P show and were thrilled that Riley went on the merry go round. A big step for him. Jemma also loved it, she gave the royal wave to everyone as she went around.

The kids are back at childcare and seem to be enjoying it. Riley went on a trip to the museum and loved it- he was very well behaved as well. He has learned some phrases this week so we know it is a positive experience- 'watch out for me'.

Rileys toilet training is going slowly but generally positive.... for wees anyway....

Jemma is often 'walking' on her knees so still getting there. She has a huge repertoire of animal noises and she knows what she wants. She pretends to talk on the phone, wants to put salt and pepper on her tea, blow on the hot food.. in fact anything we do, she wants to copy. She is hilarious to watch.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Miss Independence

I am nearly 16 months and I can feed myself. NO! I do NOT need help. Don't you dare take my spoon off me. I will use my fingers rather than let you feed me.

Yes, we now have a plastic tablecloth on the floor each night.....

I love riding my bike and wearing my helmet inside. NO! I will NOT take my helmet off until I am ready. You may take my picture- I think this is my best pose - cool and in control. I can move at about 1km per hour. No holding me back. Steering is more of a problem. Those pesky cupboards get in the way but NO, I do NOT need your help to steer either.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Our Christmas holiday

We are back from 2 weeks away in Christchurch and Omarama. We had a wonderful Christmas break and watching the kids enjoy themselves was a highlight. They were able to spend time with family and that was really important.

I am struggling to have photos to post because we bought ourselves a handycam to record live footage so now, I must remember to walk around with handycam AND camera in hand.

Christmas day had Jemma in a pretty dress and scarf though she wasn't keen on the scarf... or the dress for that matter- it interfered with crawling. What a mean mummy to put that on her. Jemma is fantastic at indicating what she wants with pointing and 'talking' (or screaming if she isn't liking the result!). She loves to wear the cycle helmet and she doesn't like it to be taken off her. She also likes to be taken for rides on Riley's bike. We have now got her a wee trike and within 1 day she has learned to ride it. She is so quick on the uptake! We are hoping the movement in the legs may motivate her to walk!

Jemma loved going to Willowbank and feeding animals. She loves ducks at the moment and quacks a lot. Her favourite song is "old macdonald had a farm". She does a great imitation of Santa - instead of ho ho ho, she goes oh, oh, oh.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh just melts your heart :-)

Riley loves his new Thomas train and he concentrates on it with great intensity just like the water pistol - tongue hanging out lots. We have a number of photos with his tongue in this position. He is getting too clever. When we arrived at the caravan, his first question was 'what's missing?'- the bathroom! No flies on that boy!!

Speaking of which, we started toilet training today and have had some success so feeling pretty excited by it. Riley loves the clapping and cheering when he goes in the right place. Mum is not so excited by the new task of daily cleaning the toilet... I still think he should sit down to save me work!

We had a day in Wanaka while on holiday and we have had great weather. Now we are back home- we've unpacked all teh Christmas goodies and I had to go and buy another container- starting toy rotations now....... spoilt kiddies. We are also planning some picnics and park visits before Dad goes back to work.

Happy new year everyone!