Riley and Jemma

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hi to you all

A bit quiet here as we have had holidays which means I am busy with the kids. We are also embarking on a gluten free/casein free diet so I have been researching this and psychologically preparing :-)

It has been great to see Riley developing his pretend play and the favourite at the moment is to go to bed. Jemma is forced to join in and he is unintentionally rough with her as he makes her lie down but she just laughs and thinks it is a great joke!

Riley decided today the bears needed to join in and go to bed as well. Jemma tried to talk to them but they were a bit quiet today. Riley even sung them a lullaby and said prayers with them. (He has rote learned his prayers but I am sure he really wants you all blessed ;-))

I have started recording a memories book for them each day as my memory is shocking so now they can read about their lives and I won't be able to claim they slept through the night at 6 weeks when they have their own children!!!!

So, Jemma will now be able to read about what a shocking sleeper she is at night (and feel suitably guilty about it) as well as the time she did her #2's and then smeared it all over herself...... I was nice enough not to take a photo though. We are putting in some nice memories too though like her wonderfully placid nature and tendency to play peekaboo with herself

Riley can read about all the clever things he is doing and what an entertainer he is. He walked through Mega yesterday singing 'heads shoulders knees and toes' and did the actions. Dad said it was very loud and cute until he did the 10th chorus.....

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh dear..

We all got sick... except Peter but then he went away to Te Anau for one night to leave his very sick wife (note the very;-)))))) with a sick little boy and a mildly sick little girl so he escaped the bugs (but could hear me cursing from down there!)

I am not the nursing type at the best of times- not a caring bone in me!

So to be sick and then have to (or try to) sleep with both children in the bed- one who felt like a 5 bar heater and cuddled in close and one who is small and cuddly but not getting enough blanket......... life was hard for a couple of days. They are lucky they are my children. I wouldn't do it for anyone else and if Peter gets sick.... good luck to him is all I can say!

A bad dose of the flu and Riley is still struggling- poor wee man. He is a very good patient though.

Anyway, I finished the tank top of scrap wools from my Mum so here it is and I finally knitted something that is too big rather than too small! Isn't she gorgeous? A stranger said the other day, she looked like me - I nearly fell over trying to kiss and hug her in gratitude..... though I realise she was probably only being nice :-)

Holidays now... my last one for awhile since I have resigned from work. My children are too gorgeous to miss one moment of..... (do you believe me....LOL)