Riley and Jemma

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jemma is nearly 3

My darling girl (well she is 90% of the time) is turning 3 tomorrow. Her hair is finally arriving and she is certainly a modern girl with her own mind! "Mummy, Daddy will ring me tomorrow because I am a big girl and it is my birthday and I am turning 3 and Riley isn't and Daddy will talk to me and say happy birthday and I will get a cake and.. and.. okay mummy?" My mind spins after a while- she is certainly a wee chatterbox and all you need to do is nod occasionally- she can fill in the gaps!

She got her trampoline early because last weekend had a good forecast and Dad is away at the moment. He knew I would try to put it up on my own so we did it together and it took ages but the kids are loving it.

In case you are wondering why you got a picture of our ugly lounge wall, it is showing Riley's space topic. He has been learning space so he built a rocket, shooting star, Mars and the moon and stuck them with LOTS of sellotape on our wall. We are just grateful that we have not yet started to redecorate....

Riley is still enjoying school though he alternates between wanting to be social and staying inside. He has a thing about too much sunlight. Apparently last week, he trailed along with the duty teacher up and down the school under the veranda last week telling her "I am not allowed too much sunlight as it will make me sick". Priceless- our son is learning to lie- I am so happy as this is actually a really important developmental stage!