Riley and Jemma

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rainy days and losing your marbles

Well... we have had drizzle for 4 days.. a little tired of it now. However the kids have been quite good at entertaining themselves. There are 3 pictures of things we can do with marbles. In the red spinning top, Riley was inspired by Science alive where they had a similar action and from the table.. well that was just bungy jumping marbles!

Only 9 days until school now. Getting closer.. Riley is very excited by his birthday and the cakes have been chosen. So they will be unveiled at a later date. One is for his last day at childcare- a place he has been going to for 4.5 years. The other is for his family and friends afternoon tea... watch this space.

Jemma is now a kindy girl- 2 mornings a week with Riley. She is one of the youngest there but apparently she has taken to it like a duck to water. She had a boy rubbing her back and the teacher says "B... doesn't touch ANYONE!". Then she insisted on sharing news and it was about the doll she was playing with that belonged to kindy, "This is a doll and it belongs here. She has brown hair and I am playing with her" "Lachie, do you have a question?" (Where did you get her from?) "I got her from the corner - you can use her too." So once Riley leaves next Monday, I think she will be well settled.

We are back into music and gymnastics on a Saturday morning. Riley wants to do some form of dance so Mum is working out the options.. swimming starts again next term! How do parents fit it all in and with more kids??!!

Riley wanted some clarification of the facts of life last night during tea. Dad choked on his tea but Mum was ready to give a factual approach. However, some diversion was done at Dad's urging and our approach will be reviewed. Riley had asked "How does Daddy's egg help make a baby in Mum's tummy". We dealt with the fact that Daddy doesn't have eggs and managed to avoid the rest! How much should a 4 year old know? LOL

Monday, July 07, 2008

Riley's last kindy holidays...

Only 4 weeks and Riley starts school. Of course, Jemma wants to go too and she has already been given her first uniform ( I haven't even bought Riley's yet!) so she is ready! In many ways Riley is ready for school- certainly academically. Socially, he is not so keen but time will tell. He is getting more confident. He built the pirate ship below all by himself so it is great that he is developing skills in doing things step by step.

The kids have been great in the snowy weather. They are not yet at the stage of knowing the word 'bored' and Riley is very good at finding things to do. Jemma tags along. She did the dishes for us the other day- not sure why she needed the cap but who are we to question?

We headed over to the playground today and Riley cursed "Oh bother" so then Jemma had to join in as well. I am just grateful that they don't have a 'stronger' vocabulary! Riley is getting better at riding his bike and Jemma has no fear- she took to putting both legs on the scooter as she rode down the ramp. She would then carry her scooter to the top of the ramp again "Is this a good idea Mum?" "um yes???" "it is a bit heavy mum" and off she goes again to land in the puddle "oh bother". Repeat this cycle for 30 minutes and the holiday time gets filled in quickly!