Riley and Jemma

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Back already!

Yay! Mum got to go to the Wiggles for her birthday and a photo of Sam too!! (her favourite Wiggle)

We loved watching Riley enjoy the Wiggles. He sang along, yelled out loudly and even went and gave roses to the Wiggly dancers for Dorothy. Jemma got in the aisles and danced a bit so all in all, a good age to take them to these things.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Nearly Easter

Wow! 6 weeks since my last post. Where has time gone? Only 1 week to go and it is Easter time and school holidays.The list of clean outs to do over Easter is mind boggling. All those jobs I haven't been able to get onto it and of course, planning for next term. So 'holiday' isnt' the term me thinks.

Only 2 days to go and the Wiggles concert. I think I am more excited than the kids.

A busy term. Riley is loving drama lessons though adamantly refuses to play any sport so our Saturdays are going to get a bit easier. Jemma did ballet this term but is bored with it and wants to go back to gymnastics. She is actually quite good at it (not just being a precious mother) so we shall try to encourage her again later.

Riley is still doing really well at school. His reading is at 9 year old level and comprehension at 7.5years (if I can't show off on their blog, where can I show off? :-) ) so he is going up 2 classes to do his reading 2x a week so we are really proud of him.

Jemma has got the knack of most of her letters now and she loves to write her letters. She also loves adding and subtracting with our fingers so she will take off soon too I think.
Riley has an operation in the second week - tonsils, adenoids and grommets which was a shock as I didn't realise he was sick. Must be a tough kid. So his holidays won't be great.

Notice the jar of easter eggs beside the kids? I won all 353 of them yesterday!!! Riley remembered the singing bunnies courtesy of Nana so we have been driven crazy with them in the last few days!!