Riley and Jemma

Friday, March 30, 2007

Watch this space- Jemma will walk... soon...

Nothing major to report from down here. Jemma is now 18 months old and holding out on walking for as long as she can! She can stand balanced and walk if you hold her hand but she likes to taunt us. I try to smile when I think of what a 'persistent' and 'persevering' teenager she will be.... otherwise I might cry :-)

Both kids have a like of music which pleases Dad no end and Riley has a phenomenal memory for words of a song. I can't remember what they were singing in the pyjama photo but they were playing nicely together .. for now.

Jemma is now saying 'iley' for Riley and she likes to practice it. She also likes to take his tea off him and eat it herself. You can imagine the wars that are now starting at the tea table. What is funny (or frustrating) is the smug smile Jemma gives when she gets what she wants in any situation.

We think Jemma is getting her molars. Dad braved his fingers by putting them in her mouth so at least we know she has a reason for being a bit grizzly at the moment.

By the way, this was an end of the day photo of Jemma standing... only onto her 3rd change of clothes of the day since she is the messiest child I have ever met!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hairdressers and daredevils...

The kids are certainly getting up to more antics as they grow older. Jemma will never forgive the photo of her in a cap. She has a real hat fetish- likes to be wearing one ALL the time. We have to hide them from her but then today... she brought me her shoes instead....

The garden is still not a courtyard but the kids love playing out there with water on a nice day. Riley gives Jemma a shower and she tries to eat stones. Jemma is into copying Riley a lot- which isn't fun when they decide to squeal at the teatable but cute when she wants to sit on the tunnel just like him. I am glad it is going back to the toy library soon.

Rileys latest imagination trip (he has many varied and wonderful ways of entertaining himself) is to be a hairdresser. We take turns sitting down with our cape on and he brushes or tweezers our hair (figured it was safer than scissors but more painful) and Jemma is lucky because I let him use mousse on her...but not me :-)