Riley and Jemma

Monday, May 14, 2007


Riley loves trains so when the model train show came to town, we took him twice and it was a mission getting him to leave each time. But don't fear Riley, we have dvd coverage for you as well!

And before you ask, NO, Jemma still does not choose to walk. She can walk a long way holding your hand, but confidence building can take time... just like a good wine.

Riley had an assessment last week and he is doing well. He has a high IQ and the most pleasing information is that his comprehension and auditory short term memory are average which is good for someone on the spectrum, so still onwards and upwards.

Jemma is learning to be a baby sister very well. She can now hit Riley and then ham up her reaction to being hit. We are sort of proud of her wily ways. And Riley being the typical Aspergers doesn't lie. "Did you hit Jemma?" "yes". Hopefully he will work out to tell us that she hits him back.

Yes, we have hair growth on Jemma as well. By Summer, we may even have to consider a haircut.... okay it is not even winter yet...but planning ahead.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Torturing Riley

Yesterday we visited the gardens to see the parrots, kea and of course the ducks. Jemma loves to feed the ducks ..... but Riley doesn't. I take it in turns to respect their wishes. As you can see in the photo, it was Jemma's turn. Riley did well walking back up the hill to the aviary. He is becoming fit and such a big boy.

Jemma appears to be the type where she will only do something if really confident. She will wander around holding our hands but as soon as she realises she is walking on her own or standing, she drops to the ground. Same with learning to feed herself (which incidentally she does better than her 'male' brother who is happy to lean back and have it done for him!) Amazing the contrast in children. Riley won't try anything as he has a real thing about failure - the responsibility of ensuring high self esteem for your children. I think it means I should never go back to work and my darling husband should look to double his pay :-)