Riley and Jemma

Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy times... trip to Auckland

We had a great time in Auckland. We are so proud of our kids. They had a ball and they were so good. No complaints about the time spent in traffic and travelling. However, considering we took them to many parks, the zoo, Kelly Tarltons, Waiwera hot pools, museum, Sky tower, Butterfly creek, train, ferry, I think they were pretty appreciative and exhausted from being tourists. We took lots of movie footage and it is hard to pick out the highlights. Riley talks about it lots and so does Jemma. She can say Auckland really well and talks about being in Auckland.

Both children have made lots of progress in their language. Riley is getting better at conversation and Jemma's vocabulary has rocketed. She loves to say supermarket and she is starting to talk in sentences. Her mum and dad understand her best but she is impressive nonetheless.

The two of them are still playing well together. When the pile of gravel was dropped off, it was pouring but both insisted on going out there and climbing it. A lot of pride when they reached the top. Mum sat inside watching and taking photos.

Both children have started swimming lessons. Jemma is taking them in her stride and if she does not want to do what is asked, she just says 'NO!'. She knows her mind! Riley is petrified and you would think we were sending him to his execution.Poor kid. We have to bribe him each week to get in the pool. The things you do....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Next instalment of Riley and Jemma

The children have been busy- both started swimming lessons this term. Riley is struggling in confidence despite being quite capable. He is a bit of a worrier. Jemma just likes to do her own thing and she is quite confident in the water.

They really are playing nicely together and Riley is quite protective of her while Jemma adores him so it is nice to watch their relationship develop.

There has been a change around in Riley's therapy so we now have Wednesday mornings free. It is great. Today we went back to an old habit of going on the bus and visited the library, did some shopping and then went to the gluten free cafe. I am really looking forward to Wednesdays and lots of outings.

They went to Oamaru for the night again last weekend and had a great time with Grandma and Grandad- riding their bikes, feeding ducks, eating a bbq and sleeping in until 7am! Though Grandad has a lot to answer for! He was watching Bathurst and taught Riley about Ford cars so now Riley points out every Ford he sees on the street...a 'special interest' in the making...

Riley's new saying is "I don't think so"... smart alec! Jemma is still on "my turn" and she likes to disappear out the back door, get on her ride-on and take it up the drive then wait for me to come and go riding with her.