Riley and Jemma

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our snow holiday

Wow! What a great time we had in Queenstown with the kids and Grandma and Grandad. We stayed at the same place as last time (check out the view from the house in a blog last September).

We all got some skiing in though I went for a run around Lake Hayes on the second day- cheaper than skiing and less painful in the feet. Riley is up on skis and Dad and Grandad were impressed with his balance and progress so we are thrilled that we may find something sporty for Riley to excel in as ball skills are not his thing at this stage. Jemma also got into ski boots and skis but only cos she was disturbing the peace of the mountain "my turn, my turn" sob sob..... next year will be her turn properly.

We also had a wonderful morning up the gondola and on the luge and chairlift. Jemma loved the luge and didn't want to take her helmet off. Riley has matured a lot in the last year and he also adored the luge and the chairlift and he talked about it incessantly for a day and how we will go on the gondola, chairlift and luge "another day". We took the kids to a restaurant with gluten and dairy free options and were proud of their manners. Though Riley was heard to ask "where's my food?" at the top of his voice... we are working on appropriate social skills LOL....

Jemma... Jemma.. Jemma... we love her dearly and I hate cliches like "terrible twos" but man, she has developed an attitude and although she is as gorgeous as ever and so cute and clever, she is developing her independence and it has got to be said.. sometimes autism is easier to bring up than neurotypical.... it is like having a first child again- we don't know what has hit us. So while we rejoice in all the things that are coming naturally to her that we had to teach Riley, we are missing the general compliance we had from Riley at that age. She is talking so much at the moment and her communication is fantastic - favourite phrases are 'my turn' 'no' 'no' and more 'no' plus her mother's favourite - 'chocolate' and she likes to identify everyones clothes and belongings... She also likes to sing songs and is great with all the words.

Riley's communication has also developed lots in the last week. He is so articulate and although a little aggressive with Jemma when he is frustrated and angry, he is also a very caring wee boy and he is keen to cuddle and 'make up' after the event.. sometimes forcibly but usually off his own initiative. He is trying to play more with Jemma- it is fantastic to watch. They learn so much off each other.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sleeping with a wench.... ooops meant a wrench :-)

Our 4th generation mechanic is in the making after Riley told us he had a wrench and he is going to be a mechanic! So he is sleeping with it tonight for practice........

The kids have been dressing up this week courtesy of the toy library. Riley even wore his crocodile suit to preschool and of course, crocodiles eat chickens.. which didn't impress Jemma too much.

Riley has really enjoyed his first week of morning kindy and Mum really enjoyed

spending a morning with Jemma on her own. You forget how easy one child is compared to two and since Riley is in anxious mode when we go out in public regarding Jemmas whereabouts at all times, it was very relaxing to just let Jemma explore in peace.

Jemma is still into 'cool' and 'wow' and Rileys new comment (where the heck did he learn this because it better NOT last) is "so what". The thing is he doesn't realise he should say it with attitude.... so it is quite funny to hear him saying it.

Riley has started learning to read and he is quite keen on it. He is reading starter books from the library at the moment so we are proud of his skills.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Riley- you are 4

Another milestone met today- Rileys first birthday party. He had such an exciting birthday and we are very proud of him. Mum and Dad did the cake again- Dad is a great decorator and Riley was very happy with it (little Einsteins rocket for the uninitiated!). He had some friends come over and he behaved well with great manners. He was spoilt rotten with presents and he didn't know whether he was Arthur or Martha with regards to trying to open them all and play with them all.

We are now all recovering from the day- we are not sure who is most tired- Mum, Dad, or the kids! Only a year until he goes to school... sniff.. sniff. He starts morning kindy tomorrow and that seems a big step but he is looking more and more like a young boy- no longer my wee man.

Today Jemma is modelling Nana's crochet. She insisted on putting it on straightaway when she got it. "Wow! Cool" were her exact words. The bottom photo exemplifies her- gumboots on (who would believe she owns 'proper' shoes), copying Riley (as soon as he took Superman costume off, she dragged it on), helmet (has to be worn on her bike) and her ga-ga (she knows to leave it on the bench before she leaves the house) She is our young lady with attitude! Poor girl- she is getting some longish hair around the sides and backs... but she seems to have Dad's receding hairline- no fringe to speak of.....hmmmmm....