Riley and Jemma

Monday, September 24, 2007

Being doing lots and Jemma is now 2!

We have been very busy lately. We drove up to Mt Cargill aerial then walked the last track. Riley had seen it in the distance a lot so I thought they would enjoy it up close. They are great wee walkers the two of them.

Then we went to ChCh while Peter was at a conference and caught up with family which was great. The babes are all blowing out the candles below but it was actually Jack's birthday. Jemma was practicing for her birthday. Jemma's favourite occupation at Nana and Grandad's house was to throw the garden stones onto the lawn for Grandad to pick up. She loves gravel and stones and does this trick at home too. We travelled at night again because the kids cope better with the distance though Jemma took awhile to fall asleep and was singing Twinke twinkle little star while Riley screamed at her to go to sleep. We did get peace eventually.....though Riley has inherited his Grandads piano accordion which he tries to play with great enthusiasm.... yay....

For Jemma's birthday, we went up and stayed in Oamaru on the Saturday night. Jemma was very spoiled and she loves her tea sets. We had to go and buy some table and chairs for her and Riley to have a teaparty at in her room so we got an umbrella and deckchairs. They had a very long tea party which suited mum lots as she wasn't invited. Riley has stolen the TJ Bearytales from her and is getting great enjoyment. Her turn will come.

Dad and I made Spot cakes this year- one for childcare and one for family. She seemed happy enough - Riley helped blow the candles out. Jemma was unwrapping presents herself which impressed us and she sang Happy Birthday to everyone which was very cute. So she is now a big 2 year old and a gorgeous one at that. We are very blessed to have such a lovely natured daughter.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

From pirate to dog and the leopard on the side.

The kids are loving the costumes from Trade me and the toy library, especially Riley who likes to wear them to childcare or kindy. Riley and Jemma are getting better at playing together (when Riley is in the mood). The sitting on the couch one is the two of them being Humpty Dumpty.

We have started toilet training Jemma as she tells us when she has done or is doing wees or poos. However she doesn't like the potty or toilet idea so 0% hit rate for success and 100% hitrate for lots of washing for mum! I think I know who is winning this battle... but I will win the war :-)

The kids get to go on the train tomorrow with Grandma and Grandad while they cheer Mum and Dad on running the half marathon so they are looking forward to that. Dad took them gokarting last week as he convinces them that it is a good hobby... I think Dad and Grandad are the keen ones but Riley wants to do it he says. He also wants to be an astronaut and a mechanic and a firefighter and a pirate. So lots of choices for him.

Riley got in trouble last week driving with Dad. He gets a little anxious when we don't follow the traffic rules (according to him, you should stop for the red light that is 400m away...) so in the end, out of exasperation, he yelled at Dad "slow down you silly man!"...