Riley and Jemma

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Child Labour alive and well

Riley is getting to be a big boy and was very good at helping Dad stack wood today. Dad is enjoying having his little helper around. I could go on forever about the cool things that Riley is saying and doing but I won't bore you! Suffice to say, he is one cool dude who is doing really well with his therapy. He is a very bright wee cookie! Even if he does like to suck lemons..........ewww...

Jemma has been a little unwell but remains a placid and happy wee girl. She can sit unaided for a wee while so we decided to take a photo and she decided to make a liar out of me and fall over !!!! She is now 8 months old. Unbelievable.

We are looking forward to seeing our ChCh relatives over Queens birthday and showing them how much the kids are growing up while celebrating Nana's big birthday since she is getting old and wrinkly :-)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

More firsts with Jemma

Long time no post! Life has been really busy yet nothing interesting to report.

However, we have a photo of Mum's first mothers' day with her TWO darlings (though Dad said Mum's hair looked okay... Mummy should know that Daddys don't know anything..!!!) and a photo of Jemma on the toy library tractor.

We also have a photo of Jemma's first shower with Dad but Dad was too shy to share his photo online! Jemma as per usual, took it in her stride and not a peep to be heard.

The children continue to sprout up and make great progress. Riley now knows his manners and is very good at using please when he wants something. He is using longer sentences as well, a well worn one is "mummy, fix it.............please!" "mummy, come here ....please" "mummy....mummy......" I think mummies are on this earth to be slaves to toddlers! He has great leadership (bossy) qualities too. When playing shopping list with us, he likes to fill our trollies as well as his own. There is a budding teacher there. Dad is okay with that as he has decided Jemma's fearless nature makes her the budding pilot!