Riley and Jemma

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A more challenging week

We have had a challenging week with Riley, not helped by his new wake up time of 5:30am. He is not a child to go back to sleep... sigh.... The latest supplement is working for him with our biomedical approach. Unfortunately it was giving him a lot of regression for a number of reasons so Mum was pulling her hair out. But we are back on track and I no longer want to adopt him out :-)

Jemma is sort of walking so don't get too excited by the newsflash.... She doesn't choose to but if you hold her hand, she will walk a great distance. Otherwise she drops to her knees. She is talking and singing lots- she also likes the action songs. Her sleep is back to normal but then tonight we noticed red cheeks and wonder about those molars... however, our fingers are crossed tightly.

We are loving the fact that the kids are growing up and we can return to a semblance of the life we once had. Peter and I ran a race as a team in the weekend and the kids tagged along easily and saw it as an adventure so we are feeling quite positive about future endeavours.

The bottom picture is the kids next door helping to build a pirate ship and have waves beside it rocking it. Great imaginations and a lot of fun to be had... the vintage coffee table (recognise it Mum?) needed some leg adjustment afterwards but we figure it is standing the test of time.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Jemma is walking! She is taking about 4-5 steps at a time, then collapsing... usually in fits of laughter because we are yahooing and clapping so much. No photos but we have dvd recordings of it.

18 months 22 days!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter Holiday

We had a lovely time away in Omarama over Easter. We did lots- mum and dad even got to go mountain biking together while Grandma and Grandad looked after the kids. It was very exciting to feel like DINKS for a few hours. And this is where I am supposed to say "I missed the kids and couldn't wait to get back to them..." We then left them again and went out for tea :-)

We went to Mt Cook on a brilliant day and over to Wanaka to see friends. We did a small bush walk and were thrilled to see Riley enjoy it as we would like to see our kids enjoy the outdoors as they get older.

Jemma was supposed to walk for Mum's birthday but ........ no.......... She practiced not sleeping in strange places. It was play time between 12:30am -4am most mornings. Because Riley was sleeping so well, we couldn't leave her to scream it out as she has a strong will, so we tried ignoring her while she played, and jumped up and down on Mum in the bed, pulled Mums hair to see if she would make a noise, backed off the bed whilst waving goodbye to us.................... It was actually very cute if we weren't so tired. She has gotten quite clear in some of her words (well her parents understand her). Hello, ta ta, thank you, how are you going?