Riley and Jemma

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here is the rollercoaster

Did I mention it has 1114 pieces????
3.5 hours of building and this is the smaller one- only used about 800 pieces.......
He is a happy boy

Monday, June 25, 2007

Skirts, snow and ..... poos.....

Jemma is now a big girl who walks everywhere and so I have started putting skirts on her... oh dear... she is a bit of a girly girl and I don't know where she gets it. Says a lot for the nature/ nurture debate. She jumps around, dances and struts in her skirts. She also likes to change her shoes 4 or 5 times daily. They don't have to be her shoes of course. Will try to get a photo of her in a skirt as she is VERY cute.

Well, the first big dump of snow came. In fact, the biggest dump since we have lived in Dunedin- nearly makes up for not getting any last year. Our backyard is a perfect slope for the kids to sled down on their inflatable kickboard. They LOVED it- though Dad and I were gutted the dvd camera ran out of batteries during filming. However, great photos to share. It was so neat to be watching them and playing with them in the snow. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... (except for childcare days so I can go for a run :-) )

And, now for a funny story...... Many of you will know the trials we have been having with toilet training Riley for #2's.... he has been wees trained for 4 odd months but #2's have caused great consternation for lots of reasons. We had promised him a scooter or a bike but to no avail, toilet toys, stickers, you name it.... Anyhow, Riley has been going on about this rollercoaster toy that he has been admiring in the warehouse. Tonight, good old Dad (not checking with mum) says 'if you do a poo on the toilet, you can have the rollercoaster toy'. (btw dad- it is for 9 years and up and costs a bit). So Riley industriously went and tried (yes actually tried for the first time) and yay, 2 poos later. So major celebration time. Lets go to the warehouse now in the snowy conditions as this is momentous. So we all pile in the car and I warn Dad he will have to fork out as much for this as the bike probably AND build it cos Riley is too young. So... imagine our surprise to see the 'bleedin' thing is $150!!!!! Dad couldn't go back on his word as we had built this whole thing up for the last hour (plus 5 months) so Dad pays for it and right now, as Riley blissfully sleeps waiting for morning, Dad is building a rollercoaster (it can stand 1.5m high....) I think it is hilarious personally. I hope it isn't the only poo he does cos it will be an expensive poo...... at least if he is toilet trained, I can sell the last of the nappies and try to recoup some money.

The moral of the story? Ask Mum first!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Wow.. nearly a month has gone by.

Well, she waited to walk but now you would think she had been doing it forever! She is also stamping her feet, trying to run and jump. She idolises Riley and tries to copy him at all times (even the things we don't want copied...).

Here she is carrying his lunchbox. She likes to take it into childcare for him. She also insisted on wearing his superman costume this morning. She calls for Riley when she wakes up... it is very cute even though Riley can be a rough big brother, she keeps coming back for more. Her favourite saying is "aww... mannnn..." and her vocabulary is growing quicker than her hair.

We went to visit the family in ChCh and it was a great success. The kids were excellent and we were so proud of their behaviour. They showed their excellent characters and enjoyed themselves. Riley loved the steam train and tram at Ferrymead as well as the planes and trains in the museums. We went out the the farm and there is a photo of the cousins that were present at the time which is a nice memento. The kids travelled beautifully at night for the first time so we feel far more optimistic about travelling.. just wait until it is dark!