Riley and Jemma

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Another exciting weekend

Lots going on in our household again! The kids are great at pretend play and we have photos of Riley dressed as Superman- although he keeps crashing because he watches his cape to see if he is really flying...... Jemma is wearing her Fifi and the Flowertots costume!

We are pleased to report that as of today, Jemma has 2 forms of crawling- commando (with fantastic shoulder movements) and now..... she is up on all fours and tottering along. We have a movie of it- she is soooo proud of herself! It is very cute to watch.

Today, we had a Christmas party at the model train place. Riley was very excited to see the 'puffer trains'- they were both diesel he tells us. However, he didn't want to ride on it. He was happier to watch the small ones inside. Although he is very excited that we are going on a big diesel train to Palmerston in 8 sleeps. Because the train goes by the seaside, he hopes to see a small whale AND an iceberg.....

The kids also got a present from Santa. Jemma screamed the place down when she got close to the man in red, but Riley was happy to accept a present with Mum by his side.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

An exciting weekend

We have had an eventful week - mainly over the weekend where we are very proud of Riley and the progress he is making.

Though Jemma has had a good achievement as well. She slept through the night ONCE! Mummy tried her on goats milk in the hope of weaning but no go- poor girl had tummy ache and Mummy and Daddy suffered alongside her.

We have had to keep Jemma away from the tv and we have found that if we need 5 minutes peace and quiet, we can stand her up and since she can't get down, we can get a few things done :-) However, we went to Grandma and Grandads house for the night and Jemma was allowed near their tv.. she loved being able to touch the characters in the box- it was very cute to watch. She is now blowing kisses too and making great tongue noises. She is such a poppet.... during the day- a perfect child with a lovely nature but she likes to wind Riley up by upsetting his train and flinging it away- she is hilarious.

Today was Peters Xmas do- a family day and Riley just loved it. After a few hours, he worked up the courage to go in a truck for a ride, on a digger with Dad AND go in the bouncy castle (then didn't want to come out!). We were so thrilled to see this happen because he tends to be an observer and for him to take on the opportunity was great progress. He even impressed the truck driver with his comment "nice driving Marty".

Christmas may still be 6 weeks away but Riley is looking forward to it and he got Christmas duck out so we could sing the carols. Riley sang well and we caught it on video (if anyone wants a 15Mb file sent with Riley singing either Jingle bells or We wish you a merry Xmas- let us know :-) )

PS note Rileys new vest- another knitting pattern that Mum stuffed up but she means well- she just ain't built to knit. It is wearable at least

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dad went to Australia and we got tshirts....

Well, Mum survived a week of solo even though Jemma decided to get a new tooth and not sleep much! Dad came back with tshirts and Jemma was scared of hers because it was furry... she got used to it after awhile and even tried to feed it by dribbling lots :-)

Jemma is pulling herself up to her knees now so getting more and more mobile by the day. She is into EVERYTHING and she is trying to talk lots. We can understand 'hello' now as well as her other words plus all the babble and tongue sounds she likes to do. Like her brother, she is a great mimic!

Riley is creating some great sentences now and can even answer the 'why' question. He just says 'why not?'. How do you argue with such logic? He is so looking forward to Christmas- he loves looking at decorations, particularly ones of Santa on .... you guessed it... transport vehicles! It will be a great Christmas this year for us because it will be so exciting to watch his reaction.