Riley and Jemma

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nothing too exciting going down..

Not much happening in our world still. Both the kids are doing really well in their development. Jemma is challenging at times with her quest for independence and we are pretty hard on her and have to tell ourselves off at times. She has exceptional language development for her age (buggar tall poppy syndrome!) and because Riley didn't at that age, we forget how young she really is... 2.5yo. So the tantrums and the exploring of her world is just her growing up and we are trying to let it happen without coming down on her too much. She is very cute with what she says and she has an obsession with 'sore knees' especially her own, which is chronically sore because she keeps falling over. Her swimming lessons are going so well. She is now floating on her back with just her noodle. She has a lot more confidence than Riley who is nearly doing the same. She is also very helpful which is so sweet. She loves having her hair put into a 'pony'... (yes we know it is more a pigtail but we humour her)

Riley has started extended day at kindy on Friday afternoons and he coped really well. I think he will love school with its structure and routines. It will just be lunchtimes and playtimes that he might struggle but we are pretty pleased with this thought. He is so far ahead academically, we worry that he will get bored- he read a book to us tonight that has 4-5 lines on each page. We have never taught him to read- he seems to have decoded it for himself so we are pretty darned proud of him. His music and swimming lessons are doing well too and more importantly, he is really enjoying going. Riley took the photo of Jemma and I underneath so he is quite proud of himself.

The kids went to Grandma and Grandads last weekend as Mum was running Motatapu marathon and Dad was mountain biking it. They loved their time away and this weekend, we are off to Omarama with all the grandparents and looking forward to Warbirds over Wanaka.