Riley and Jemma

Friday, December 15, 2006

Only 9 sleeps until Christmas. I think the novelty has worn off for Riley because it is taking so long! Though he just about knows all the words to Kiwi Jingle Bells off by heart, plus a number of other carols.

The kids have been great shoppers this year. Quite happy to sit in trolleys and wander toy and Christmas decoration aisles- at Rileys directions of course- bossy buggar that he is! Jemma being the
placid wee love that she is just comes for the ride!

Jemma is so funny. She loves joining in with singing and doing the actions or the squeals at the appropriate times. Though she isn't fond of the big red man up close as shown in this photo. This is the second time Santa has given her a present and the reaction was identical.

Dad won the battle and we used controlled crying on her and she is sleeping much better through the night but now she takes an hour to go to sleep (where are those roll eyes emoticons?). She has learned to stand up...but she can't get down so we have to rescue her in the cot. Ho hum... another stage!

We had wonderful news last week for Riley by the visiting psychologist. His progress is so good that she is struggling to 'keep' him on the spectrum. So although the last year has been a lot of work, it is all paying off. We are lucky he is such a clever wee boy!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yay... Christmas is coming!

We had the childcare train trip last Monday and the whole family went which was really nice. Riley loved the train- he called it the train adventure and we were a bit nervous because at breakfast, he was adamant it needed to be a red diesel engine and ........... it was! phew....

We are building up to Christmas and it is very exciting. Mummy put the tree up a bit early but she loves watching Riley and his excitement. The tree is a bit higher to keep it away from prying hands, particularly a delightful 14 mth old who likes to explore. Alice decided it didn't have enough decorations so more have been added and soft touch mum bought a train to go around the tree for her trainloving son. Then Riley convinced Mum he needed a motion detecting 11 tune snoglobe. So luckily KMart had a 30% sale...

It was Santa parade on Sunday and Mummy couldn't go so Dad took 60 photos and Riley was able to tell Mum all about it. It was magic watching him relive it and tell Mum about all the floats including the 'elbow tross' (albatross). To think, it has been a year since we found out he was on the spectrum and to look at him now, the progress is just unbelievable.

Dad said it was also magical to watch Jemma at the parade because she was so excited and waved at everything. We missed some of these developmental things when Riley was her age, so Christmas is shaping up to be very exciting with both children.