Riley and Jemma

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jeepers, another 6 weeks gone by

Well, we had the holidays and our photos consist of Riley at the hospital. That was a hard week because he reacted to a drug giving him night terrors so we were very very tired. However, he was an amazing patient in the hospital. I was so proud of him... funny how they save the cantakerous behaviour until they get home :-)

Hmm... what has been happening? Jemma has stayed at ballet and is in a production in a few weeks. She is also loving her childcare and we have given kindy away- too hard for Mum to juggle with working. Jemma is a total extrovert and as we are driving home, she is trying to organise playdates so I don't have to feel guilty about leaving her at childcare. She even asked to go last Sunday to be with her friends.

The other picture is of us taking a family walk up Flagstaff. Both kids did very well with the climb. Riley was motivated by the fact we were walking on volcanic rock. Volcanoes was an interest over the holidays. Though Lego still hangs around and he is quite adept at using the computer now to go to the Lego site.

Riley had a programme review for this therapy and we have decided to sit back and reap the rewards of the last 3 years by cutting back on therapy. He is doing so well. We realise that issues will arise over the years at different stages but he is just such a clever wee kid, we thought we would relax awhile. Speaking of clever since this is where I can show off- he reads at a 9 year level (and understands at 7.5-8years) so he goes and joins a higher class for reading.... so proud of him.